Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Time and Summer Lovin in SoCal!!

Let's try this again! LOL! The kids are now another year older and wiser. Ali'i will be entering 5th grade and Deleina will be entering 3rd grade when school begins again on Sept. 13!! This will be Ali'i's final year in Elementary.....bittersweet feelings about this! My first-born is growing up so fast and there is nothing I can do about it :( Deleina is going to be tested to see if she would be a fit for the GIFTED program per her teacher's request.

Before the kids summer break began I made a promise that I wouldn't let the kids just sit in the house and do normal kid things. I didn't want the kids to be stuck to the TV or XBOX the entire summer break. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for finding some cheap yet fun activities so far! The kids and I have been hitting up our brand-new (well it's more like 3 yrs old) library once a week. They signed up with the Library reading club. They understand that even though they are on break, they are responsible for keeping their brains active and reading is a good way to do that! Ali'i needs to strenthen his reading skills and Deleina is a very sharp reader (in 2nd grade she was reading at a 4th grade level.) I found this really super cheap movie theater in RPV and now Tuesdays are our family movie nights. Try this on for size.....Eclipse for $20?!! On Tuesdays all day and night, movies are $4.00 per person and if it's a 3D movie they add on an extra $2.00! This pass Tuesday we watched Despicable Me in 3D and that movie was hilarious!! It was too cute!! My kids also found a new love in "Michael's", the arts and crafts store! I absolutely love that store!! They have sooo many art projects under one roof and pricing on things is good. So far we have made our own ice cream, painted stained glass (more like 20 pieces), and the kids have decorated their own mugs. Yes, Jaidyn is involved in everything that the older 2 are doing. It's kinda fun that way! She keeps things lively!! LOL!

I'm also going back to my roots. My Mom doesn't cook pretty much at all! She is getting older but she is dealing with things that she shouldn't have too....which in turn is taking up all her time. So I've decided to take it upon myself to learn how to cook all the amazing Samoan dishes that I loved soooo much when I was little. When I'm cooking I have my girls in the kitchen with me. My girls love to help in the kitchen.....Ali'i has to be in the mood, which he is most of the time =)

One lesson that I have learned thus far with my kids and parenting style.......Russ and I have sheltered and protected (some say we are OVERprotective parents) our kids so much. Now we are realizing all that protecting and shielding that we have done for them has pretty much handicapped them!! Not cool!!! We are doing all we can to rectify this but at the same time kicking ourselves for not letting go.....even just a little bit! Jaidyn as a 3 year old has done more than what we use to allow Ali'i and Deleina to do. For instance her being in the kitchen while the stove is on....the older 2 weren't allowed in there if the stove was on. I actually just started cooking with the older 2 for about 1 year now. Jaidyn is alot more comfortable in a kitchen veruses the older two. It's amazing to watch you kids finally come into their own! As frustrating as some days maybe I'll never want to change or trade my kids for anything. They are each very different in so many ways but when one gets hurt or when one gets into trouble the other 2 are right there ready to go and comfort the sibling that is down and out. These are the memories that I will hold dear to my heart and cherish for the rest of my life! My kids are not perfect, but in my book, they are pretty darn close!! Love them to death!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

California Authorities Suck ASS!!

Okay, so my cousinz neighbor has a little daughter who is 11 yrs. old and she has been missing since yesterday. Her older sister ALWAYS picks her up after school, and the sister is never late. Yesterday the little girl never came to the car and so of course the older sister calls the parents and the father asks my Aunt for a ride to the school. The school was less than willing to help them, the father tried asking the administration if they've seen his daughter or if she were in school today, but they were assholes and just shrugged it off as if this girl was of little importance. After looking around the school for 2 hrs.....still to no avail, they finally called the police.....and again was offered little help from them as well, I tell you when shit like this totally makes me miss the whole state of flippin Utah......the police couldn't do shit! They told them, when their daughter comes home to bring her down to the station so they can take her out of the system....they also said they have to wait 24 hrs before being able to do anything for them......I was like WOW and if this was your 11 yr old??!! What is pissing me off about this whole situation is this......this is VERY MUCH out of character for this little girl. She is NOT the type of girl to just decide to go hang-out with her friends and deal with the consequences later, she is NOT the type of girl who would put her parents through this for her enjoyment/pleasure. She comes home EVERYDAY and she just plays with her younger brother. I know for damn sure if I were the cops and I have parents telling me this it would raise some red flags for me! I would totally understand if the girl was a cheeky little girl and often hungout with the other kids on the block til the wee hours of the night.....if she were that type of girl, then okay, go ahead and feed me with that bullshit of waiting 24 hrs before being able to help out! BULLSHIT!! My heart just hurts for the parents.....I last spoke to my cousin at 1am and the girl was still missing. I went to bed grateful and thankful to know that my kids were safely tucked into their own beds, sound asleep, but, at the same time scared for the little girls parents who are waiting anxiously by their front door, holding onto their cell phones......just waiting for their little girl to come walking through their door.

I'll be back laters......we have a full day of activities today........but seriously.....California sucks with their "By the book guideline" , come on now.....I wish they did have a "BOOK" cause I would most certainly take that book and just throw it at their retarded, non-helping, useless asses!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Flu Virus Kicked Our Ass!!


So, last week we (Russ, Ali'i, Deleina & myself) were all sick with the lovely FLU!! Jaidyn was the only one in the house just feeling all hunky-dory! I swear if Jaidyn was just a little bit older I would of had her ass serving me hand and foot! LOL! I guess the flu shot did my baby some justice....Thanks Dr.Muchnick...and I guess next year I'll also have Ali'i and Deleina get it as well! Today was the first day that both Russ and I woke up and didn't feel like hiding under the covers...we are all pretty much on the road to recovery, with the exception of this yucky cough!

Deleina missed a whole week of school and was very disappointed when she couldn't go with me on Wednesday to her P/T conference (she was running a temperture of 104.2). This was the fastest parent/teacher conference I've had thus far......freakin under 10 minutes!! It was great....Leina's teacher had NOTHING bad to say about Leina! Deleina is still the teacher's pet and best of all my little 1st grader is reading at a 3rd grade level!! Yes, me and Russ are very proud of her! Her report card pretty much reflected why Ms.Ferguson is so much in love with my child.....She is so smart!!

I had Ali'i's P/T conference on Friday and I unfortunately missed that one because the flu kicked into high gear that day.....I'm still waiting for his teacher to call me with a new appt time! I swear my P/T meetings for Ali'i are like nothing else!! Ever since Kindergarten, I've always walked away from the meetings embarrassed/shocked/dumbfounded/flabbergasted and everything else! It never had anything to do with him academically speaking, it was always problems with his are some Kindergarten, the teacher would be giving her lesson and Ali'i would just get up and go outside and eat his snack/lunch, while she is giving her lesson he is outside enjoying is food/weather, and in the 1st grade Ali'i's teacher had a meeting with both me and Russ there and let me tell you this one I walked away from feeling all of the emotions I listed above.....the teacher was having issues with Ali'i passing gas in the middle of a lesson, during silent reading, and library time! I almost fell out of the chair and to make things worse I look over to Russ, to give him that I hope you're happy with what you've taught The Boy look and Russ's retarded ass was flippin laughing.....and he couldn't even hide his enjoyment from hearing this! 2nd grade was just a many to mention and so now we are in the 3rd grade.....and needless to say, I am nervous! But, for sure I'll let everyone know what goes down when Mrs. Kawakami calls me to reschedule our meeting!!

I also had to postpone Deleina's 7th Birthday party which was scheduled for 03/28.....we are now celebrating her Birthday on Saturday!! My little/big girl turned 7 yesterday! Both Russ and I had to force ourselves out of bed yesterday while she was in school.....if I was feeling 100% I would have taken some treats to her school for her and her classmates......but I was only about a 50 yesterday! So Russ and I went to Toys R Us and bought her a bunch of new toys to add to her overwhelming pile of toys that takes up 1/2 of her room, ran to The Local Place and bought her a Paradise Delight cake (guava, pineapple and mango cake) and the last stop was Party City for 1 Happy Birthday Princess crown balloon with 6 latex ones! Even though Leina requested for her birthday dinner to have"any kind of meat, salad and rice" we ate Papa Johns pizza cause that was just asking for too much! I'm nice but not that nice.....especially when I ain't feeling good! Plus we just wanted to recognize her with something small on the day of her birthday......she knows her party is on Saturday so Leina is excited about that! While everyone is focusing on Deleina, Jaidyn is getting all pissy because everyone is wishing Leina a Happy Birthday! So all day yesterday whether it was any of us, Mona or any of her kids, Grandma, Grandpa ~ just anyone ~ after saying happy birthday to Leina it would be immediately followed with a happy birthday Jaidyn! Yes ~ me and Russ also bought Jaidyn a "Birthday" present and her own Birthday balloon!! As you will soon discover Jaidyn is very much a spoiled little girl.....she is Russ's moms namesake, who sadly passed away 2 weeks after Jaidyn came into this, she is spoiled by EVERYONE on both sides of the family!

This has been more fun than I thought.....I'm actually looking forward to blogging again, but for right now??? The Hubby is getting off of work in 8 minutes and so I gotta get to cleaning and figuring out if tonight will be a MickeyD, Jack or Taco Bell kinda night!! So, till da next time......DEUCES!!

PS....I'll post pictures on some of my blogs when I feel like it!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Coolest Chick In Town! LOL

My cousin Sheena Tuakoi is the BEST cousin EVER! LOL.. I don't know where I would be without her! ha ha.. Love you Sheena! :)